Monday, May 3, 2010

Unit 10

Goal: Physical well being 3 (eat better-at least 1 vegetable per meal and more exercise- at least 3 times per weak to reach 10).

I have been eating at least 1 vegetable per week but I have not been exercising. My excuse is I simply don't have time. An excuse is all that it is.

Goal: Spiritual well being 3 (go to church every Sunday and meditate more at least once a day to reach 10).

I have been meditating more but not once a day and I have failed desperately on my efforts to go to church on Sunday.

Goal: Psychological well being 4 (spend less time worrying- try to not worry about the things I can't control to reach 10).

I have definitely not reached this goal. I am the queen of worry. I have three classes next semester and I am worried to death about it. I have had a really rough time keeping up with two classes.

I have not implemented my activity goals but not for lack of trying. It seems that life always gets in the way. I do plan on using the lessons I have learned in this class, I just need to find a time to accomplish it. I do find that meditation has helped me understand myself better and has helped me to handle situations better. I think the lessons I have learned will help me in the future. It will also help me to handle situations that people encounter better. I know the lessons I have learned in this class work and it can help many others as well.