Monday, May 3, 2010

Unit 10

Goal: Physical well being 3 (eat better-at least 1 vegetable per meal and more exercise- at least 3 times per weak to reach 10).

I have been eating at least 1 vegetable per week but I have not been exercising. My excuse is I simply don't have time. An excuse is all that it is.

Goal: Spiritual well being 3 (go to church every Sunday and meditate more at least once a day to reach 10).

I have been meditating more but not once a day and I have failed desperately on my efforts to go to church on Sunday.

Goal: Psychological well being 4 (spend less time worrying- try to not worry about the things I can't control to reach 10).

I have definitely not reached this goal. I am the queen of worry. I have three classes next semester and I am worried to death about it. I have had a really rough time keeping up with two classes.

I have not implemented my activity goals but not for lack of trying. It seems that life always gets in the way. I do plan on using the lessons I have learned in this class, I just need to find a time to accomplish it. I do find that meditation has helped me understand myself better and has helped me to handle situations better. I think the lessons I have learned will help me in the future. It will also help me to handle situations that people encounter better. I know the lessons I have learned in this class work and it can help many others as well.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Unit 9

Final Project 1
Running head: Final Project

Final Project
Ginger Weaver
Kaplan University

Dr. Susan Stewart

Final Project 2
I. Introduction
The health care professional must maintain a balance in their lives in order to provide the best care possible for the patient. The mind controls the entire human body and its functions. The health professional should have a psychological process that focuses on identifying destructive emotions and dysfunctional patterns and replace them with a healthier alternative. It is important to not be distracted psychologically when attempting to help a patient. Spiritually, the mind must be calmed so the healthcare professional can gradually evolve into unity consciousness and pure awareness which will benefit the patient (Dacher, 2006). Physically, it is very difficult to provide a quality healthcare if one is unable to be biologically healthy. Also, as health care professionals one must lead by example.
Personally, I need to address psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of my life. I have a recently acquired a much better understanding of my mind and how it works. Spiritually and physically, I have a great deal of work to do. I need to attend church on a regular basis, eat healthier and workout on a more consistent basis.

Final Project 3
II. Assessment
The way that I assessed my health in each domain was by performing the exercises and journal assignments in this class. I score my wellness in all aspects as poor. I need to invest time and effort into improving all aspects of my life. After reviewing the journals and exercises, I realized that there are patterns to my health and stress downfalls.

III. Goal Development
The goals that I have seem to be overwhelming at times. However, thanks to this class I have found that it is best to address them one goal at a time. I believe that the brain and psychological aspect of your well being is extremely is important to all aspects of health. Spiritually, I would like to implement at least twenty minutes of meditation daily using Primordial Sound Meditation (Primordial Sound Meditation). I think meditation can also help to focus my thoughts so that I am better equipped mentally to deal with all of the stressor in my life. Physically, my goal is to run at least five miles with ease. Specifically, my goal is to begin a walking regime that will evolve into running for at least thirty minutes per day.
Final Project 4
Psychologically, I plan to spend less time watching television and find other ways to stimulate my brain. My goal is to read at least one book per month that is outside of my usual genre or comfort zone. The first book I intend to read is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Love and Pray.

IV. Practices for personal health
To begin with, I would like to use guided meditation which I find most helpful since I am new to meditation. I found on Deepak Chopra’s guided meditation Primordial Sound Meditation to be the easiest to follow and the one that I was more likely to focus with. I also liked the use of a Mandala to help with focus (Primordial Sound Meditation). The sound meditation and the visual meditation will aid in my efforts not only calm my mind but to help me with spiritual growth. I actually plan to implement the two together since I think they will work best together. I plan to practice meditation first thing in the morning because I will have the most time available to me without the last minute distraction of bedtime.

Final Project 5
The exercise program that I intend to use is the Couch to 5K by (Clark, 2010). This program begins with twenty minutes of interval walking and running which changes from week to week. This is the only program that I have found that is actually attainable. I also plan to start yoga classes at least twice a week. Yoga can help both mentally and physically. I am going to use a poster board reward system to implement these goals. I also intend to program my phone with reminders.
I have reserved the book Eat, Pray and Love from the library. This book is clearly outside of my murder mystery comfort zone but I plan to read at least one chapter per night. To improve my overall stress levels and have the ability to focus more clearly, I plan to get more and regular sleep. I am going to join the library’s book suggestion club which places books on the list you would not normally choose. I will check monthly.

V. Commitment
I will access the progress by the charts that I plan to use. I
will also be able to check my library list to see if I have read all the suggested books. Meditation and yoga success can be gauged by the amount of stress I still show. The running program will be shown as of August if I can complete five miles of running.

Final Project 6

Some strategies that I plan to use are my daughter and my physician. My daughter is an excellent person to hold accountable for what you say you will do. I will pay her a weekly allowance of ten dollars to make me accountable. My physician is constantly complaining about my weight, blood pressure and stress levels. I plan to see her on a monthly basis. This is a definite need in my life to address all three aspects. I now have the tools and knowledge to accomplish my goals.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unit 8

Loving kindness is one exercise that I was most in need of. I find myself often being downright cruel to me. I would never in this lifetime treat anyone the way I treat myself. Does that make any kind of sense? Every night when I lay down, I begin the loving kindness exercise. I picture a different person every time that I have a deep love and respect for and try to project that back to myself. I am finding it is getting a little easier but I am not quite there yet. If I can treat myself with the love and respect that I so desperately need and deserve, then I will be able to project that love to all those around me instead of the stressed out overworked person I have become. I have noticed the more at peace I am with myself, the more at peace those are around me. That goes a long way toward mental fitness.

Visualization is the second exercise that I am finding most helpful. I find that I can stop whatever is spiraling out of control by taking a moment and visualizing the ocean or the mountains. I can feel it, smell it and sometimes almost taste it. I live in the middle of the city (small city but yet the concrete jungle), I have a small group of woods behind my house. I tried to make this my sanctuary but then the police sirens start or the fire engines. I had to go back to the point in my life where I was at most peace. Sometimes I feel a feeling of great sadness when I think back to what I had, but I quickly reign myself in and remember the feelings of simple pleasure. I think visualization helps me to refocus and find that small oasis of sanity that I so desperately need to maintain mental fitness.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Unit 7 Post

Meeting Asclepius was an excellent visualization exercise. I chose my grandmother who has been gone for for 15 years. She was such a kind person and believed in love, family and God above all. It did not matter how bad someone treated her, she responded with love. This would often make me angry! I remember as a child, not understanding at all. I wanted to hit them. She would say "Ginger, do you think that is what Jesus would do?" Grandma lived her life as tribute to her beliefs. She firmly believed in the power of love and positive beliefs.

When I started visualizing her, I immediately became sad. I thought this isn't what this exercise is about. That's when it hit me, I was going about it the wrong way. I was remembering how her loss affected me not how her life did. She was a beautiful human being with the ability to be kind beyond belief. She never had material possessions but she had a heart of gold. I can only hope that when I continue these exercises I will gain some insight into her life and bring them to my own.

The saying one can not lead where one has not gone is quite accurate. I think that is why so many of the new health care professionals are detached. I believe that it is my responsibility to give as much of myself as possible in a whole and healthy manner which includes my spiritual well being. I believe that you can relate to people much better if you have been there or at least experienced it. Many patients feel more at ease with someone who can relate and are more likely to accept advice.


Dacher, E.S. (2006). Integral health: the path to human flourishing. Laguna Beach, CA: Basic Health Publications.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Unit 6 Blog

I practiced the Loving Kindness meditation it has become a habit every night when I go to bed. I sometimes find it hard to focus as my mind wanders. This is still one of my biggest obstacles. Calming my mind takes a great deal of effort. I think this is a goal I will have to work on for months to come.

The biological aspect of my life is currently what I need to work on the most. I believe that unless I can get my fitness, nutrition and self regulation to a good place, I will be unlikely able to get my mind there. I will always be thinking outside of what I should and feeling guilty. Now that being said, I feel that if I am walking or running I can use this time to find some psychospiritual guidance. I believe any time you can get your mind free of everyday clutter, use it.

I plan to seek nutritional counseling from a professional service (I haven’t decided on one yet). I also plan to make a promise to MYSELF! This could prove to be the hardest yet. I will plan on eating at least 2 healthy meals per day and limit snacks to healthy ones. This is going to be a battle, but I know I can win.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog for Unit 5

Question 1
Loving-kindness exercises focuses on the aspect of inner love by gathering the love you feel for someone else and turn it back on oneself.
Subtle mind exercises assist in bringing one to psychospiritual flourishing which in turn helps us come to grip with the ever growing chatter in our mind. Once this can be accomplished, we recenter our mind in its innermost essence.
Subtle mind uses breathing exercises as does loving kindness both are intended to find a peaceful mind which is open to growth.
The benefits I felt was a definite stress relief and I did feel calmer, however I know that I will have to practice for quite a while to achieve my goal.

Question 2
There is a definitive connection between mind, spirit and body. Studies have shown a connection between prayer and healing as well as the mind and the immune system.
Prayer has/is the place that I go for solace. I have always felt that I had the ability to find whatever I was looking for. I believe that God answers prayers but it might not be the answer you want. I have faith in my belief and that has brought me through many times.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Unit 4

Self-love, is a wonderful concept but often hard to achieve for most. The CD was truly enlightening, but I honestly don't think one time is going to do it. I have spent so many years being so hard on myself it is hard to stop overnight.The text did say that it would take time and should be worked on over a period.

Mental training is how the mind can be used to prevent any additional stress. I believe that using meditation and yoga can benefit many of us. I know that I try but it is not always easy. What is sad, I set time aside for homework, my family and work but zero time for myself. Research has proven that it is beneficial to health and recovery.

Can I implement mental training? Absolutely, but I have to take the time for myself and I do believe that self love is the beginning.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

On a scale of 1-10 (ten being optimal) I rate myself in the following three categories.

Physical well being 3 (eat better-at least 1 vegetable per meal and more exercise- at least 3 times per weak to reach 10)

Spiritual well being 3 (go to church every Sunday and meditate more at least once a day to reach 10)

Psychological well being 4 (spend less time worrying- try to not worry about the things I can't control to reach 10)

My plan is simple. I will place post it notes on my mirror to remind me of exercise and send my husband grocery shopping (he only buys what's on the list). I will do my best to attend church, I haven't found a home church since I moved to Missouri. Hopefully, I can accomplish the goal of setting aside at least 15 minutes every day to meditate. Last but not least, control the worry wart within me. That will prove to be the most difficult of all. But if I can accept I can't control anyone but myself, I might be on a path.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another day.....

I hope everyone finds some sort of peace in their life. It is easy to live, but not easy to find peace.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow, I loved the thought of relaxing. I often go to bed with my mind racing a mile a minute.I listened carefully, but often found my mind going back to the same old things. I had to work very hard to focus. Clearly, I have a long way to go in this. I have downloaded some additional meditation from another site for free. I will put the link here, if anyone else wants to check it out.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me Time

Today has been a very long day, now it's time for ME.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cold in Mizzery

This is my first blog, hopefully they will get a little more exciting.