Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog for Unit 5

Question 1
Loving-kindness exercises focuses on the aspect of inner love by gathering the love you feel for someone else and turn it back on oneself.
Subtle mind exercises assist in bringing one to psychospiritual flourishing which in turn helps us come to grip with the ever growing chatter in our mind. Once this can be accomplished, we recenter our mind in its innermost essence.
Subtle mind uses breathing exercises as does loving kindness both are intended to find a peaceful mind which is open to growth.
The benefits I felt was a definite stress relief and I did feel calmer, however I know that I will have to practice for quite a while to achieve my goal.

Question 2
There is a definitive connection between mind, spirit and body. Studies have shown a connection between prayer and healing as well as the mind and the immune system.
Prayer has/is the place that I go for solace. I have always felt that I had the ability to find whatever I was looking for. I believe that God answers prayers but it might not be the answer you want. I have faith in my belief and that has brought me through many times.


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  1. Hello ginger, prayer is what I go to also. I don't know what I would do if I did not have the ability to pray, to myself or even out loud with others. I agree that God does answer all prayers, but maybe not the way we hoped for or at the time we wanted, but he does.

    I too know that it will take some time and practice for me to achieve the subtle mind. That exercise was deeper and harder for me than the loving-kindness one. Hope you're doing better at your practices than me! :)